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ThinkKool Toys Big Size Pop Rainbow Square Fidget Toy

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Big Size Rainbow Square 100 Bubbles Pop Fidget Toy

  • This square fidget bubbles is newest version, special design for mutiplayer, mutichild.Totally 100pcs bubbles with rainblow.
  • When you press down and the bubble pops, you'll hear a slight popping sound like a pop fidget toy! Once you've pressed them all, simply flip it over to push and pop again to play another pop game.
  • These Puzzle toys are great for everyone age 5 to 85. press the bubbles in turn. The player who presses the last bubble will be punished by the game; It is simple to play. It is an educational toy for
  • This product make good exercise on children's mathematical thinking, reasoning strategy, mental arithmetic, logical thinking and fine motor skills. It can be played with variety of rules. Players pres
  • Having a hard time concentrating at the office? Bring it with you and pop to keep your brain cells active. At home, enjoy this popping fidget toy for soothing sensory stimulation or a fun strategy gam
  • Color may Vary
ThinkKool Toys Big Size Pop Rainbow Square Fidget Toy
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