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Think Fun Logic Game - Visual Brainstorms

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This set of 100 cards, each of which includes a humorous, full-color drawing, promises ''the world's best brainteaser questions.'' The characters in the questions often have funny names (Professor Pith Bugby pops up often) or faces or dilemmas to solve. The stack of cards includes more than hundred zany eyeball tanglers, logic puzzlers, twisted mazes, coded messages, 3D be fuddlers, and brain conundrums. It has bonus question on each card and teaches logic, deductive reasoning, and abstract thinking.

  • Think Fun Logic Game - More Than 100 Ways to Stump Your Brain
  • Many of the puzzles involve math concepts, spatial reasoning, logic, or sequential thinking, but some can be solved with plain common sense.
  • Visual Brain Storms: The Smart Thinking Game is for one or more players.
  • Ages 10+
Think Fun Logic Game - Visual Brainstorms
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