Spin Master Kinetic Sand - 1lb

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Spin Master
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The magical non-drying kinetic sand is great fun with endless possibilities! You can shape it into different shapes, divide it, combine it, squeeze it and mix it with other colors! THE ONE AND ONLY KINETIC SAND: is like magic sand that sticks to itself and not to you! It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves them completely dry. Feel the difference with the one and only Kinetic Sand!

  • Kinetic Sand - 1 lb Bag - Kinetic sand stimulates children's imagination and creativity.
  • One touch and you can feel the fun. This cool sand feels like wet beach sand but won’t stick to anything but itself. That means no sand on your hands, clothes, molds, in your hair or in your bag. It l
  • Stimulate children's imagination and enhance their manipulative ability. It is easy to clean because it does not stick to hands.
  • Includes: 1lb (454g) Kinetic Sand. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
  • For children over 3 years old.
Spin Master Kinetic Sand - 1lb
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