Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates vs. Ninjas Dice Game

You get to choose whether you want to fight off ninjas as the pirates or if you want to be the ninjas, try and conquer all. Pirates v.s. Ninjas tests your gaming skills in fast-paced dice combat. By combining strategy, cunning and a little luck, players outsmart their opponents to win. Eighteen custom dice-9 for each team-deliver full value fun. The handy guide helps players plan their battle moves. The game also features two dice cups that snap together to double as a carrying case for portability and play anywhere fun. A fun and unique gift designed for ages 8 years and older.

  • A great 15 minute game for 2 players
  • Test your skills in the fast paced dice combat game that combines strategy, luck and cunning.
  • Includes 2 dice rolling cups, 18 dice and game instructions.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize!