Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottles, 11oz, 2pk, Clear

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Philips Avent Anti-colic baby bottle 11oz with a Anti-colic nipple Flow 3, promotes the health and comfort of your baby while feeding. Our clinically proven Anti-colic valve, integrated in the nipple, is designed to reduce colic and gas by reducing air ingestion. The unique valve flexes, preventing vacuum build up, and sending air away from your baby's tummy. The nipple is designed to prevent nipple collapse for a secure latch and uninterrupted feeding. The Anti-colic bottle can be used with or without the AirFree vent (purchased separately), giving you the option based on your baby’s feeding needs. With few parts, rounded edges and wide neck, the bottle is easy to clean thoroughly. Ease of cleaning helps to ensure more hygienic feeding. The soft silicone nipple is available in different flow rates for babies of all ages. The Anti-colic baby bottle works interchangeably with most of the Philips Avent range making it easier to meet your growing baby's changing needs. We recommend to use the Anti-colic baby bottles with the Anti-colic baby bottle nipples. Antic-colic replacement nipples are available in flows 1-4. Includes: 2 11oz. Anti-colic bottles with Flow 3 Anti-colic nipples.

  • Designed to reduce feeding issues such as colic and gas
  • Unique Anti-colic valve in the nipple is designed to reduce air ingestion
  • Nipple designed not to collapse for a secure latch and uninterrupted feeding
  • Easy to clean and assemble wide neck bottle with only a few parts
  • Choose the right flow rate to keep up with your baby's growth. Anti-colic nipples are available in flow rates 1-4. BPA free
  • Style: SCY106/02
Philips Avent Anti-Colic Baby Bottles, 11oz, 2pk, Clear
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