Hot Wheels MarioKart Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

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Hot Wheels brings the fast-paced action of the Mario Kart world to life with three track sets inspired by iconic courses from the popular video game. Each set includes a replica die-cast Mario Kart vehicle that kids launch to overcome obstacles and challenges—just like in the game, but this time on Hot Wheels track! Staying on the track is key to being the fastest racer on the course! ''Level up'' and add more challenges by connecting each of these track sets to the full Mario Kart Circuit Track Set (sold separately). Great stunting and racing thrills for younger kids who love Mario Kart! Each sold separately for ages 3 years and older.

  • Kids will get revved up with these Mario Kart track sets (each sold separately) for awesome Hot Wheels fun!
  • Three different tracks to choose from, with either Chain Chomp obstacles, the thrills of the Thwomp Ruins, or the dreaded Piranha Plant - right out of the world of Mario Kart!
  • Kids ages 3 and older can race friends just like in the video game with their favorite characters to overcome challenges and rev their imagination.
  • Hours of fun recreating stunts and competing to be the fastest racer on the track!
  • Style: GFY47
Hot Wheels MarioKart Piranha Plant Slide Track Set
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