Curl A Dog Spiral Hotdog Slicer 2 Pack

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Curl A Dog
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The Curl-a-Dog is the best New way to do hot dogs. This spiral slicer creates grooves in your dog that keeps your toppings locked in place and also gives you nice, evenly charred edges for that perfectly grilled taste.

  • Spiral Hot Dog Slicer 2 Pack
  • Includes: 1 Large Curl-A-Dog, 1 Regular Curl-A-Dog, 2 Skewers, & Bonus 20 Hot Dog Recipes in each!
  • Instant Spiral Cuts for Gourmet Tasting Hot Dogs
  • As Seen On TV
  • Style: CD2000W-2PK
Curl A Dog Spiral Hotdog Slicer 2 Pack
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