Badger Basket Bedroom Furniture Set for 18 inch Dolls – White/Pink

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Badger Basket’s Bedroom Furniture Set for 18 inch Dolls creates a luxurious room setting for your favorite doll to organize her wardrobe and settle in at night. Set up a cozy space for your doll to relax, write in her journal, or get dressed up for a special event. Sturdy doll bed, with beadboard detail, includes a quilted and padded mat, soft blanket, and a stuffed pillow. Plush, fuzzy, pink fabric upgrades the look of this cozy space where your doll will spend part of every day. Raised headboard allows your doll to sit up and read in bed. Before it gets too late, pretend to turn off the bedside lamp, and stow small accessories in the nightstand. The night table has a lower shelf perfect for little books, and a top surface for your doll’s glasses, pretend cup of water, or alarm clock. The large, open armoire and dresser has a tall closet area that includes three hangers, and many cubbies for shoes, small clothes, and accessories. Keep precious and tiny items safe in the two, fabric-covered storage baskets! The baskets co-ordinate with the lush, pink bedding, and they are easily removed from the armoire thanks to the front handles. Use the baskets in any cubby in the armoire and under the bed, too. Armoire includes two adjustable shelves to create one, two, or three separate cubbies on the right side using the pre-cut shelf grooves. Create several combinations of cubby sizes by rearranging the two shelves, or using only one shelf, or don’t use the adjustable shelves at all. For daily-use items like coats, hats, and purses, this doll bedroom set also includes a tall coat rack with four pegs! This well-appointed 13-piece group encourages hours of social doll play, decision making, and organizing as your child arranges her doll’s special room and prepares her pretend-friend for daytime and night. Designed for any brand of doll up to 18 inches. Fits 18 inch dolls such as American Girl, My Life As, Madame Alexander, and Our Generation; and also fits 15 inch American Girl Bitty Baby dolls and 14.5 inch American Girl WellieWishers dolls.

  • 13-piece Bedroom Furniture Set creates a luxurious private setting for your 18 inch doll
  • Set includes bed, bedding, armoire, three hangers, two baskets, nightstand, lamp, and coat rack
  • Armoire has a tall closet and two adjustable shelves
  • Nightstand has a lower shelf for extra storage
  • Encourages hours of social play
  • For all dolls up to 18 inches including American Girl, My Life As, Madame Alexander, Our Generation, Bitty Baby, and WellieWishers
  • Made with wood, MDF, and fabric
Badger Basket Bedroom Furniture Set for 18 inch Dolls – White/Pink
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