Playskool Mr. Potato Head Mash Mobiles Potato Train


With the Mr. Potato Head Mash Mobiles Potato Train toy, little ones can switch from figure play to vehicle play, and swap out pieces to create a tater train, a truck, and other wacky creations they can imagine! Dual-purpose pieces include a camera accessory that can be a smokestack, a backpack that can become a train car, and a hat that can become a cow-catcher on the front of the train. The set includes a mini-scale potato body that kids can make into a pet dog and imagine him going for a ride.

  • Includes 1 large potato body, 1 small potato body, 1 large base, 1 small base, and 24 accessories.
  • Kids can have so much fun with this toy that they can change from a Mr. Potato Head figure into a train or their own creation
  • Dual-purpose parts and pieces inspire creativity and encourage kids to use their imaginations
  • The Mr. Potato Head Potato Train toy includes 28 pieces to mix and mash
  • Style: E5853