Aurora Mini Flopsie - 8''

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Ahab: This adorable and impressive Ahab is a fine choice for those who want a big sea-based companion to join their collection. His deep and warming style alongside that thick fluff makes Ahab the ideal companion when you want a bit of help getting down to sleep at night!

Orca: Mini Flopsies create excellent and elegant plush toys of a huge collection of animals. Orca makes a fine choice, giving you a nice sea-based animal to add to the collection to ensure that your collection maintains excellent diversity. A must-have for those who are looking for something special.

Scruff: Scruff is simply the king of flop. From his floppy ears to his stretched out feet, this 8 inch long puppy manages to look relaxed and playful at the same time.

Homer: Mini Flopsies are known for their creation of brilliant animals of all shapes and sizes into adorable little plush toys. This Homer Beagle is a fine pick for those who want that touch of invention, charm and charisma to be added to their own plush collection. A stylish, loving take on the Beagle.

Flavia: With the help of this awesome Flavia Flamingo, you can make sure you always have a charming and collective little companion to have by your side, giving you added confidence.

Sunshine Tabby: This Sunshine Tabby makes a great representation of that, with her optimistic and cheery style shining through time and time again. A must-have for all cat lovers who really want to take things above and beyond.

Cheki Chimp: With the help of Mini Flopsies’ Cheki Chimp, you can have all the help that you need in adding a touch of character and grandeur to your collection of cool little furry toys. The perfect choice for those who are looking for something with plenty of personality and charm.

Maynard: With a soft black body and a white face and belly, this striking kitten has the most spectacular amber eyes. 8 inches of fuzzy cuddles, this kitten is to die for!

Foxxie: Thanks to the eloquent and comical charm of young Foxxie, you can really improve your plush collection and leave yourself with something cunning and smart to watch over you.

Cocky Rooster: 8 inches tall, this cocky rooster has a tail in full colorful bloom. Featuring amber eyes and long brown “feathers”, you’ll want to cuddle this little guy from his first cock-a-doodle-doo!

Charles: With the help of little Charles, you can further fill out your Mini Flopsies collection in some style. This loving and friendly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should make it easier than ever for you to fall in love with your time at night, giving you the perfect cuddle companion to raise your spirits.

Lily: Mini Flopsies are known for their excellent and eloquent creatures, making it much easier for you to fall in love with a whole new kind of animal. Lily does just that, offering you the perfect choice of plush toy when you want something that can make even the hardest of days more enjoyable.

  • Mini Flopsie - 8'' Plush
  • Made from the finest quality of materials for lasting love.
  • Perfect for cuddles at night. Suitable for all ages.
  • 8” in size.
  • Collection: Mini Flopsie
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