Bonnie Jean

S&D Kids Has Bonnie Jean Girls Dresses

If today’s styles for girls’ dresses have you feeling shocked at the prices and dismayed at the styles, you’re not alone. At S&D Kids, we believe young ladies can be stylish and age-appropriate at the same time, and that is why we offer a huge selection of Bonnie Jean girls’ dresses for all ages. Explore the girls’ dresses available from S&D Kids and Bonnie Jean, and find out why we’re your source for age-appropriate, affordable fashions for young ladies.

Sizes and Styles

Bonnie Jean makes dresses for casual, dressy and formal occasions for girls ranging from infants to 16. In business for more than 77 years, Bonnie Jean specializes in designing and making traditional fashions for girls with taste and quality. No more searching through rack after rack of slinky evening dresses sized for kids with Bonnie Jean — instead, choose a dress or outfit for playtime both you and your young lady can be proud of at S&D Kids! From tunics and leggings designed to withstand the rigors of toddler play to beautiful but affordably priced dresses for all occasions, Bonnie Jean has the clothes you need at the prices you want.

We’re Your Source for the Clothes That Will Make Your Friends Sigh

Why buy costly clothes with little in the way of personality or quality construction? With Bonnie Jean, you can dress your daughter in the clothes that will have your friends sighing in envy — from adorable playtime ensembles to velvet and silk confections perfect for weddings, formal parties and more. S&D Kids knows you expect style, value and service — and we want your shopping experience to be second to none.

For more than 30 years, S&D Kids has provided our New York and online customers with the best products at incredible prices. From toys and games to private school uniforms to sippy cups, we have the brands you want at the prices you deserve. Explore S&D Kids, or visit our stores in New York City, and find out why we are your destination for style, value and service!